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JAM Zone Volunteers

This summer we are doing something different but very exciting when it comes to our summer children's ministries.  As a ministry team, we have felt God leading us to go out into local neighborhoods to preach the gospel. To that end, we have created JAM (Jesus and Me) Zone.  




JAM Zone is going to create a fair-type atmosphere in three local parks, complete with a Gospel message. On August 17, we will be hosting JAM Zone in Ackels Mobile Home Park (Madison Heights), On August 24 JAM Zone will be at Civic Center Park (Madison Heights), and finally we  host a JAM Zone at Shaw Park (Warren) on August 31.  Each event will have different booths the children and their parents can visit, such as a Story Zone, Activity Zone, Music Zone, and Game Zone.  We will also have a Information Zone where we will be collecting prayer requests, praying with people, handing materials out, such as, bibles, tracts, church information.  We are hoping also to have available child Identification kits for the parents.  On top of all of this, we plan on feeding people too!


With so many opportunities during JAM Zone to serve children and their families we are needing EVERYONE'S help.  We need every teenager and adult available to pull these events off.   We will have volunteer positions available to anyone with a desire to help.  We will need people to help with food preparation, face “painters”, balloon animal makers, traffic directors, music makers, game starters,  prayer warriors, and people who are just ready and willing to talk and love on people of all ages.  We have tasks that can be done sitting, standing, or even walking on your hands! (Please let us know if you've got that kind of talent!  We can find a place for it!)


We know that this will be a new experience for everyone, so there will be many trainings/ meetings to help us gear up to spread the gospel.  Please mark you calendars for June 23, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. for the first volunteers meeting.  At this meeting we will discuss what positions are available and the responsibilities of each position.  


As we start moving closer to JAM Zones please pray for a way for God to use you. Begin also to pray for the other volunteers, the children and their families, the program, and for the holy spirit to descend on the neighborhoods.  Contact the church directly if you have any questions.

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