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Live-In 2013

One of the hardest aspects of youth ministry is the amount of time the teens are exposed to godly living versus the amount of time spent in the world.  Last year we heard about this event called the Live-In that another church started.  This event was having teens (with chaperones) literally live at the church for five days.  They would take the teens to school, feed them, make sure they did their homework, and got them to practice on time.  At first, I was extremely opposed to the idea of this happening at our church.  I came up with a very long list of why this was a bad idea and never in a million years would we ever do it.  So with much prayer the idea started growing roots.  Last year we had 4 teens sign up, and we had a great time.  At the end of the event, I said I was never doing it again. God had other plans again...


We started planning another Live-In, not knowing what to expect. On November 13- 17, 2013 we had 8 teenagers and 2 chaperones descend upon the church and take over.  With 8 teens we had many challenges we had to face, including 3 different schools we had to go to, and where we were going to take them to shower.  Everything fell into place and went really smooth.


Every day the teens were exposed to Jesus in a slightly different manner.  We had the teens volunteering to pray over breakfast and when we started off to school in the church van we had someone pray for a great day.  In the evenings we had group time where we read scriptures and had discussion.  Then we would have the teens go off by themselves to have alone with Jesus.  We encouraged Bible reading, pray, and journal what Jesus was telling them.


Saturday was a special day because we had the teens all day.  We started out with a big pancake breakfast. We had another group time/alone time with Jesus.  We were able to help Drew Nelson with his Eagle Scout project as we collected items in his neighborhood.  The afternoon was spent at Joe Dumars' Fieldhouse were the teens were able to choose different activities such as Laser Tag, free throw shoot out, and a giant slide.  We then took the them to American Pie Pizza Buffet for dinner.  They loved it!!  When we got back to the church we had something very special planned for them in place of the normal group time.  At the other end of the church we set up five quiet prayer stations with individual instructions for each one.


The first station was Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  They had had to read Psalm 23 out loud.  The objective was to know and hear God's voice.  The second station was the teens had to walk to into extremely dark room with a flashlight and then turn it off and try to see in the dark.  It was to represent that Jesus is the light of the world.  The third station was also Jesus is the light of the world.  This one is a video that they were to watch were it showed images of sins/ struggles that someone may face.  The fourth station was Jesus is the Bread of Life.  At this station they were to eat a piece a piece of bread and reflect on how Jesus can be the Bread of Life for us.  The final station they were to write a sin/struggle on a piece of paper and pin it to the cross symbolizing giving it to Jesus as a confession and repentance.  This was the station to make solid commitments to Jesus and also ask Jesus into their lives as Savior if they have never done so.


Overall, we all had a great time drawing closer to Jesus and to each other.  Continue to pray for the participants in this year's Live-In.  We had Drew, Janell, Kyra, Breanna, Charlie, Brenden, Alyssa, Jessica.


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