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Continue in the Service of God

Once we ask Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord, we are beholden to him for the rest of our lives.  When we call him Lord, we are promising ourselves as his servants.  This then becomes our life's labor, from that moment forward.


Since we have accepted the teachings of Christ as our guide, as Christ's disciples it is now our duty to take these teachings with us wherever we go.  when we call ourselves Christians, that means Jesus Christ has become our identity.  Not that we can ever hope to become anything approaching the glory and majesty of Jesus; but we need to carry his message of love and salvation within us always.


2 John 8-9(TNIV) explains, "Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.  Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God, whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and Son."


What an amazing blessing that is, to possess the Father and Son, along with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us.  With that being the case, how can we not proclaim it to the world each and every day?

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