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Prayer Uprising 2014 - Gathering of the Broken

Prayer is an essential part of our walk with Jesus Christ.  It is what keeps our Savior's life - sustaining blood pumping through our veins.  When the Holy Spirit gathers with us during our time of prayer in can be a transformative process.

Urgent, persistent prayer by the Body of Christ can bring renewal to the individual and revival to a people.  We are being called as a community to prayer.  Are we ready to respond?

We are seeking to maintain a continuous prayer presence for a sustained period beginning with National Day of Prayer May 1, 2014, uninterrupted into Sunday services on May 4, the day District Assembly begins.

The sanctuary will be prepared in such a way to create a unique prayer experience, just as Bezalel adorned the tent of meeting in Exodus 31.  The walls will be open canvasses for all to post their prayer needs, people to pray for, Bible quotations, art or poetry as the Spirit directs.

For those who have never tried late night or early morning prayer in this kind of spiritual setting; I challenge you to give it a try and see what the Spirit has in store for you.

We will open with a time of corporate prayer Thursday, May 1 at 7:00 p.m.  From there, the goal is to keep the prayer going non-stop, 24 hours a day until we gather for services Sunday morning May 4.

We will be open to anyone and everyone who comes through the doors are welcome.  It is a gathering of the broken.  Come as you are, and leave as someone new.  We encourage you to invite everyone you can think of to pray with us.  I especially want to challenge our young people to spread the
word to their friends and classmates.

Let's unite together in faith and see what amazing things God will do.

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